Tips on how to prepare for a Family Photoshoot

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Tips on how to prepare for a Family Photoshoot

It’s all about being prepared! My priority is to ensure that your family photo session goes as smoothly as possible and you arrive feeling relaxed, and ready for some family fun! That means we need to be organised for the big day.  Creating great images takes time. Something I don’t rush. So it’s also important that I take the time to get to know you and your family first.

We arrange to meet up around two weeks before your family photo session. During this time we talk about your family interests and any ideas you have to make your session unique to your family. My photo sessions are tailored to each family’s needs and interests. Meeting before your photo session is also a great opportunity to meet each other and means no first-time awkwardness on your shoot day!

I always recommend families be prepared ahead of their session, this results in a more relaxed photo shoot and great images :-).


Here are the 5 things we discuss to help you get prepared for your family photo session,


        • Your Family
          Every family photo session is different. Every family is unique. We talk about your family interests, the children’s hobbies and what you would like from your session. It’s important that I get to know your family first before we start photographing. You also have the opportunity to ask lots of questions to help you get prepared ahead of time. Meeting up before your photo shoot also removes any of that slight awkwardness we sometimes experience when we meet someone for the first time.

        • Images
          This is your photo session! We get to discuss the types of images you would like me to capture. If capturing a great family photo is your aim, or the children playing together or even having gran with the grandchildren, that helps me with the planning of your session and ensures you get the photos you want.

        • Location and Timing
          We decide on where we will photograph and which time of day works for your family. We photograph in a local country park or place you like to visit as a family. The location is typically within a 30 mins drive. We go out either early morning or at the end of the day around 3 hrs before sunset. If you have young children, mornings can work better when children are rested and have the most energy. End-of-the-day shoots can work better for families with older children who go to sleep later.

        • Clothing
          We spend a lot of time talking about clothing. I want you to feel both comfortable and relaxed in your session and not worrying before about outfits. I always recommend to families to think about what to wear and their clothing colours in advance of the photo session. Think about 2-3 colours that complement each other and work with the seasonal colours outdoors.  We talk about avoiding big loud patterns and logos that can be distracting. I want you to enjoy your session so planning your clothes in advance and trying everything on before your shoot day is recommended. See more information on What to Wear here.

        • What to bring with you
          We discuss all the extras that you might need on your photo session. It may be cold outdoors so I recommend bringing lots of layers to stay warm, these can be removed when we take photos. Having snacks with you can help with any hunger pangs during the shoot and a great distraction for little ones. Wipes are great for dirty faces and a hairbrush for flyaway hair!

  • Thanks for reading! Have a great photo session :-). Polly xx


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