5 reasons to take Back To School photos!

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5 reasons why you might want to take School photographs.

The school summer holidays are almost over… just like that. It’s been a fun-packed holiday this year for our wee family, with a holiday at the start and our kids spending time in many summer clubs and camps with their friends. We’ve had lots of lovely family days out and moments too, just being out of the term routine is a breath of fresh air.

Whilst we are all sad the holidays are over, there is definite excitement about a new school year and what it brings. Being reunited with friends, teachers, and school is an important occasion!

If it’s your child’s first day at Primary or even Secondary this term, that’s a big milestone moment.

On the first day back at school, I will be waking up and doing something that I have done every year since they started school, taking a photo of my boys in their new school uniform, usually outside in the garden. It’s now a tradition in our house and not only does it mark the occasion but we create a special memory of the new year ahead and one we can look back on next year to see how much the children have grown.

Here are my 5 reasons for taking those all important school photos.

New Year, New Things!

With every fresh year, there are fresh things! Uniforms, back-packs, pencil cases, haircuts, etc. My kids are still wearing some of the last year’s school uniform and using some of their school stationery from the last term, so not everything for going back to school is new.  However, as they grow we need to upsize the blazers and shoes, replace the trousers with the hole in the knee and buy shiny new pencils and things. The kids want to show it all off! Perfect photo opportunity.

Back to School with siblings

Older children may have siblings starting school this year. This is a big milestone and a lovely opportunity for big brothers and sisters to walk to school with their little siblings and show them the ropes. I remember the day my two boys went to school together – it was the cutest thing and one I want to look back on and remember

Reunited with friends

My children try and see as many of their friends as possible over summer but there are some they don’t see until they get back to school. It’s lovely seeing your children’s friends all together again.  Before the bell rings, ask a few of your child’s best friends to get together for a quick photo.


How much have they grown!

Each year our children grow a little taller, shoe sizes go up, hairstyles change, teeth move around – they grow up! It’s not until you look back do you see how much they have changed. Here is my eldest P1-S1. Not sure what happened in P3, but looks like my son said no to that year! If you are able to keep a record every year you create a lovely visual timeline of them growing up.

Photograph your Back To School Traditions

My own parents liked to capture the odd first day back at school too.  I remember some of those mornings with my brother and I at the front door or on the garden path.  We had lots of little traditions before we started back – going to the dentist, M&S for the uniform, haircuts, oh and Woolworths for the new pencil case. Create some family traditions and photograph them, it brings back some lovely memories. Yes, that is me, 1st day of school.

Each new year at school for our children is like a new chapter in a book. Lots of exciting adventures ahead, meeting new people, making new friends, and learning new things. Try to photograph those moments and build yourself a visual storybook of your own. 

Polly xx



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